You Can't Afford to be Attached to Your Health, So Make it About Others

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The Spiritual Path is Taken For Others

In Buddhism, enlightenment is not something to be pursued for the spiritual seeker himself. In fact, if your purpose in seeking enlightenment is personal in any way, you won’t reach it. Even if all you seek is to be free of your personal troubles, that is not the right reason.

Once Buddha attained nirvana, he went out to teach it to the world. The tradition of the Bodhisattva is one of service; seek enlightenment to ease the suffering of others.

The point of enlightenment in the Buddhist tradition is not to become a spiritual badass or be free of suffering. It is very distinctly to become a guide for others on the path to freedom for suffering.

Similarly, I believe that the point of any self-development should ultimately serve others, even one so mundane as physical health. The point of health is not to be a fitness badass. It isn't even just to be free of disease; we want to build something, not just avoid misfortune.

The point of good health is specifically to be useful to others. Otherwise, our lives and influence ends when we do. Only by working to make the world a better place can we end up with anything other than a final balance of zero.

The Benefits of Your Health to Other People

Some ways being healthy helps you serve others:

The Strength of the Tribe is the Strength of the Individual

The Warrior, more than any other member of the tribe, needs to be prepared to serve it, to fight its battles, and to defend it against external threats. That's why heroes are so rare. So the Warrior must always aspire to fulfill his or her potential. Since the Warrior is a product of the tribe, any opportunity is provided by the tribe, with the expectation that, in exchange for empowering the Warrior, the Warrior will return the gift.

Your tribe is whatever you want: your family, your city, your country, your people, your planet, karma, complex bio-ecological interactions, god, the collective social unconscious, the universal one, all life, all existence.

We are equipped to better the world, if only we can get past our self-centeredness to do it. In this perspective, everything we are, everything we have, and everything we can be, is a gift. We are privileged to serve the betterment of the world with the gifts the world granted us.

No pressure ;-)

One small way I am trying to make my health benefit others is by sharing what I've learned in the form of a short book on a compassionate, personally empowering approach to fitness. Please check it out if you'd like to learn how to be your best, healthiest self.

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