What Are We Waiting For?

warrior spirit

What would it take for you to drop everything and go after what you want?

A lot of people wait for someone close to them to pass away. That's what it takes to remind them that life is too precious to waste in going through the motions.

Some people need a wake up call in the form of catastrophic failure. After spending a fortune and many years in law school, they lose their job as a lawyer. And they finally admit it wasn't what they wanted in the first place.

Or else the failure comes in the form of financial ruin. Finding yourself without the means to support yourself can force you to figure out what really matters.

Some people wait until those close to them abandon them. Divorces, break-ups, family disunity. All of these things can leave you wondering why you gave up so much of your life and time for something that ultimately didn't make you happy.

But why wait for the reminder?

Life is short.

Job is an acronym for Just Over Broke.

Money comes and goes.

People come and go.

So why wait until it all falls apart? Why wait for the wake up call? Why put off the things you really want out of life?

Some people wait because they have duties and obligations. They think that once these things are done, they will be able to focus on their dreams, but they don't realize that obligations have a way of prolonging themselves and feeding on your spirit.

Some people wait because they don't think they are ready. They don't realize that they will never be ready, until they start and therefore decide to be ready. You can't gain the skills that are really necessary to do something until you simply start trying to do it.

Some people wait because they don't have the time. They don't realize that time fills itself. Any free moment you have will be filled with something trivial, like water flooding into a new opening. Make the time, and build on it.

Some people wait because they don't know how to start, and they are afraid to make mistakes. They don't realize that nobody ever knew how to start anything really important, especially since everyone's dream is unique and different. Mistakes are the admissions price for progress and learning.

So why are we waiting? What are we waiting for?

If we wait too long, make up too many excuses to put off our dreams, we get very good at it. And then, when disaster strikes, we simply use it as another excuse to put things off.

We create the habit of putting life off, so that when opportunity comes along, or when it is painfully obvious that what we are doing now isn't working, we can't get started with the real business of living.

If you've been putting something off, figure out the smallest first step you can make, and do it. NOW!

Fight on, brave warriors!

- (**