The Question that Will Set You Free

agency attention choice habit

Everyone does these things. I do these things.

They are easy to do because they are compulsions. They don't require any thinking. You eat carbs when you're stressed. You argue when you're tired.

These are not things you consciously choose to do. Your actions are being controlled by your circumstances.

So, how do you wake your mind up and actually engage your presence in living your life?

All it takes is a simple question.

Do I have to do this?

The answer is almost never yes. You choose your actions, whether consciously or not. By realizing you are not being forced, you gain a special insight.

Simply by asking that question and bringing attention to it, you turn a compulsion into a choice, which returns power to you.

You can still go ahead with the action, but at least now you are accepting full responsibility for what you're doing, which gives you the agency to direct your life. When you are griping about how you never have time to read those personal development books on your shelf, you will realize that you chose to spend that time watching TV, and that next time, you can choose to invest in your education.

That's the power of attention at work. Which is a powerful truth to hold in your hand.

Use it wisely.

Photo credit: Duncan Hull on Flickr