The Adventure Next Door

adventure excitement heroism

"There's nothing worth doing anymore," is a phrase I often catch my brain throwing my way when life seems dull.

My solution is to choose something scary or hard and go do it.

It's not that you have to manufacture adventure, but if you commit to living a life in pursuit of your personal best, in service to your dream, and to honor your goals, you will find adventure. It just sort of happens. You become heroic. It doesn't matter if you are living in 1840, 1940, or 2040 (in the future, we'll all have hover boards, and then things will really be exciting, oh, wait...)

No matter when or where you live, whether your life is full of story-worthy events is up to you.

Remember, history is made up of people doing extraordinary things. You can either ride on the wave of the history they create, or you can be one of the men and women creating history with your life.

Romanticize the past or the future all you want, but not at the expense of the present. Romanticize exotic locations and other peoples' lives if you want to, but not at the expense of your own here and now.

Because there is adventure around every corner, in every moment. It's up to you whether or not you follow it down the rabbit hole.

So, how can you open yourself up for adventure? Here are some tips:

Do you ever catch yourself making the excuse of, "If I lived then/there my life would be more exciting and fulfilling?" What can you do to get that sense of excitement and adventure right now?