Recovering from the Boulder Flood

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There isn't a blog post for today because coping with the displacement caused by the Boulder floods has prevented me from finding the time to write. I did my best with the posts in the last week, but it finally caught up with me.

I do want to express how grateful I am to have such amazing friends, people who were willing to take us in on a moment's notice. A friend picked us up around 11pm in his car during the height of the flood on Wednesday night, after we'd been evacuated. That's a true friend: someone you can call up late at night knowing they'll pick up and help you out.

Another great friend opened her home to us, providing us with a warm, dry bed for as long as we needed it, as well as a welcoming family, two loveable dogs, and home-cooked meals. I can't express how valuable those things are when you have been displaced. I know we have been a disruption to the routine, but she has made us feel nothing but welcome, and we're infinitely grateful for that.

We had it good. Our house was spared and we were able to get by with damage to little more than our sanity. We have friends and neighbors whose homes suffered extensive damage or total destruction. But overall, Boulder fared very well, and we're grateful for that.

I can't help but wonder if these consecutive record-breaking weather events are the new normal, however: climate change making itself apparent in concrete terms.

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming soon.

Fight on, Brave Warriors,