Pigeonholing Myself

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Of course, there is the possiblity that 'pop culture' is itself a field of interest that one can be too narrowly focused on. But I wonder if people pigeonhole me based on my interests? Am I that guy you can only talk fitness to? Am I becoming a stereotype?


To a certain extent, we have to commit ourselves to interests and activities to get the most out of them. I am an athlete and a coach. I'm not just some average guy who works out. Exercise, fitness, nutrition, sports motivation, unlocking the secrets of human performance: these things are my life right now, as well as my job. I like being able to call myself a CrossFitter. I am part of that community, and yeah, I connect with other CrossFitters in a way I can't connect with others.

But I'm also a Real Foodie/locavore (wannabe)/SOLE food advocate. I can have really passionate awesome conversations with that community as well. There isn't a huge degree of overlap. So maybe the foodies think I'm a fitness nut, and the CrossFitters think I'm a food geek. Maybe it's the outside connections that define us within our communities, because those things make us stand out. These are also the things that let us bring value to our communities. I am a better CrossFitter, and a better coach, because of my understanding and passion for real food and associated nutrition. That's what makes me stand out in the CrossFit community. In the food community, my use of real food for fitness defines me a bit, as well as my social media connections.

I'll admit, food and fitness still seem pretty narrow as far as interests and expertise go. I consider myself a writer, though this blog has languished in the wake of my recent triple employment. I am apparently becoming an expert on social media and using Facebook and Twitter to engage with followers and communities of like-minded individuals. I still consider myself a gamer at heart, and I feel a bit out of sorts when I haven't played a video game in too long.

So, here's a list of quirky things you maybe didn't know about me that have nothing to do with fitness and nutrition:

So hopefully, this proves that there is more to me than fitness and nutrition, with a splash of social media :)

Thoughts on defining yourself, or limiting your definition? Post to comments.

Image source: Stig Nygaard on Flickr