My 2015 Strategy Part 2: The Logistics of Being Awesome

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Time (or something else)

I've always felt like the main limitation in my success has been time, but I've recently realized thinking along those lines is not helpful. I spent so much effort on getting more time by sleeping less, multitasking, running around all day, and generally being frazzled. I ran 18-20 hour days for weeks. You'd think I was super-productive but in reality, these were the times I felt most stagnated.

I can't believe I'm quoting this cliche, but...insanity is doing the same thing again and again expecting different results. That was me with productivity, time, energy, and sleep. Perhaps you can relate.

The answer in those situations is to question your assumptions. Maybe it wasn't time that was lacking, but something else.

We can't create time. The best we can do is sleep less. I tried that, but while I got more hours in my day, I was too zombiefied to make use of those hours, even with coffee.

On days when I got plenty of sleep, even if I started late, I always seemed to get more done. I realized that a better way to "get more time in my day" was to simply be more present in the time I did have.

Other easy ways I've discovered to get more energy and thus more use of my time:


It turns out that money is pretty much unnecessary for all of my goals, except for keeping a roof over my head and food in my belly, which is key. This is really complex subject for another day, but the best way I've found for me to bring more money into my life is to keep it in mind.

Some specific actions I've found that help:


We don't do the logistics for their own sake. We do them to support the stuff that really matters. But, and this is a big but, without the logistics, the rest falls apart.

Tony Robbins calls it looking after your state. You need to have a good state, a good story, and good strategy to succeed. Without taking care of your state, you will be too fatigued and miserable to believe in your empowering story or learn and implement strategies.

I talked about strategy first because the strategy determines what logistics are needed, and they also provide the motivation for making the effort, and logistics do take work.

However, the point I want to make is that there are actions that provide a great return on investment without requiring a whole new routine.

For example:

It's like investing. Setting aside money today means you can't buy that fancy meal, but if it gets invested, or simply added to a bigger chunk, you can do even more with it, and your capabilities will start to balloon.

But if you never set it aside and just spend little bits spread out, you'll always be playing catch up, with money, time, energy, or whatever, and your abilities just stay on a level.

What are some of the logistical limitations you've run into in pursuing your goals? Are there any changes you can make to better support your dreams?

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