Movement Naturale

movement naturale movnat parkour

A break from the usual thought-provoking stuff to share something I'm getting really passionate about: Movement Naturale! This was the original functional fitness program developed by the French before WWI. I read about it years ago, and it was what initially sparked my interest in other functional fitness programs like CrossFit. Partly because it was so intense, I didn't really entertain the notion of getting into it right off the bat, but now that I've developed a good base from CrossFit and have started trail running, I'm probably going to start incorporating some of it into my fitness program.


The next video is similar, but it is tagged as Parkour in the Woods, which to me seems way more appealing and fluid than Parkour in an urban environment. Something about flowing through the trees and over rocks seems more natural and intuitive. Because every surface is different, it also seems like it would take a great deal more creativity and improvisation.


Have Fun!
- (**