Lyrics for a Pirate Song I Wrote

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I broke free in a mutinee,
and stole me very own ship,
But don't be callin' me no traitor,
Or you'll be takin' a dip!
And you know I’m a pirate
Cause I got a treasure chest
Cause we drank up all the rum
And we buried all the rest
I know I’m a pirate!
Cause I’ve only got one eye
And I’ll always be a pirate
Til the day that I die, yarr!
And of course I’m a pirate
Cause even if I did get caught
They’d never find my booty
Even though X marks the spot
His majesty’s royal navy’s
Got a price on my head
But they don’t know these winds like I do
And I won’t be the first one dead
Well, they call me a pirate
Cause I live out on the waves
And they think that I’m a scoundrel
But I’ll never be a slave
Yo ho, yo ho
Yo ho and a bottle of a rum!
…Dead men tell no tales
E minor, C, Eminor D, E minor C E minor G
Em C Em Am
- (**

Image source: Joriel "Joz" Jimenez on Flickr