Link Love: Annamal House

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Anna's blog, Annamal House is a collection of thoughts and musings on life as a person concerned with trying to do the best she can for her body and the world, while still appreciating the little joys that come along. I have often been struck by her candid admittance of past mistakes and current shortfalls. Instead of making me doubt her sincerity in pursuing her ideals, it helps me see her as more human and with more to say about the real struggles that accompany being thoughtful and different.

A Different Kind of Vegan

Anna and I were in the same dorm in Chicago, so we've shared more than a few philosophical conversations on what it takes to stand up for your beliefs. Many ethical vegans will choose either to confront everyone or to just keep quiet. What makes Anna unique among vegans is that she is able to convey the ethical implications of her dietary choice (and the choice to eat meat) without being condescending. At the same time, she doesn't water down her position to avoid offending; she is convinced of the rightness of her choice, and that certainty comes across without making you feel bad. She definitely meets the definition of a warrior because she forges her own path, doing what she believes is right and facing up to all the contradictions and complications with honesty, but without compromising her position.

Anna doesn't publish much, but when she does, she is worth reading, and following her blog has given me plenty of inspiration and helped me maintain my own resolve. She brings a humble, refreshing perspective to taking on the status quo and following your own path.

If you're interested in reading about veganism or writing your own story (which you probably are if you read this blog), check out her blog here.