How to Grow Your Most Valuable Asset

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The First Entrepreneur

For a long, long time, humans used sticks and rocks as weapons, throwing or clubbing things with them. But it was tough. Sticks were long but they were also light and broke easily, so what you gained in distance you lost in force. Rocks, on the other hand, were really heavy and durable, but you had to hold them with your own hands.

Then, someone saw an opportunity to create value by combining the two, along with some sinew. Thus was born the mace.

Since then, humans have been innovating new combinations and relationships between things, people, and systems to do more with less, acquire more leverage, and influence their lives.

We now measure the shift in value from rock and stick to mace with money, and we call the process of value-creation and value-distribution business. We call the rock and the stone and the sinew the assets, but the real asset in this case was the creativity that allowed them to be combined into something even more effective.

*That entire story was made up.

 Wealth is seeing the connections

Most people think of assets as material things, like real-estate, but as I study wealth, I'm realizing that mindset is what allows us to create and retain value in the world. It allows us to create value from things most people would see as waste--upcycling ocean plastic to make soap dispensers--or by changes in location and time--buying Arabica coffee now to sell when Brazil's drought affects coffee production. People who do this see the world differently because they have trained their mind to do two specific things:

  1. Notice opportunities to create value by seeing connections and the flow of energy between people, and
  2. Act on those opportunities by assimilating new skills quickly and embracing discomfort to grow.

With that mindset, you can do a lot with very little. There are rocks and sticks lying everywhere. All it takes to generate value and thus wealth is an understanding of how they might come together to meet someone's needs more effectively.

 The Ecosystem of Human Values

This is not a skill universally taught. Most of our schooling is geared towards knowledge and understanding of specific fields, not the ability to see and leverage relationships in the real world. You have to make a point of training yourself in that way.

It amounts to a kind of ecological awareness: see how things interrelate and develop the understanding and ability to contribute in a way that lets you intercept the flow of energy.

The first step is understanding that you don't need more schooling, more job experience, more skills, better connections, a new location, or anything like that.

What you do need is the right way of seeing the world, which doesn't mean with dollar signs hovering above everything, but with streams of energy flowing between people and experiences.

I've said many times that perspective is the foundation of empowered living, and this is even more true when it comes to wealth. Train your mind, shift your perspective in the right way, and value will come.

Talking about perspective shifts, I'm working on developing a coaching program to help people actualize the principles I've discovered that allow them to express their fullest potential. It's going to be a long-term project, but you'll start to see small changes around the site. 

Photo credit: Aaron Patterson on Flickr