How to Be Accepted as a Leader

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It's actually really easy. There are only 2 steps:

  1. Start on your own
  2. Ask for help

In every leadership role I've ever taken on, this is how I started:

Why does this work?

Once you start on something on your own, it shows both your commitment and the fact that it is workable. This is important because when you just explain an idea, people can't always see it as reality until they can see it in front of them.

When people see you committed to making something happen, especially if it's in line with their own goals, they will get excited about your passion. And they will want to help. That's just what people do when they are excited about something.

The trick is making it easy for them to help. Not everyone you inspire will be a die-hard fan. Some will support you in principle, some will show up if there are donuts, and some will follow you to the ends of the Earth.

To get them on board, provide a different level of engagement for each:

Common Pitfalls

One Final Thought

Leadership isn't about showing people the way. It's just about walking the path with them and helping them shoulder their burdens, maybe showing them what you've learned, but always being open to crafting a shared experience.

If you've ever led a wilderness trip, you know that no two trips are the same, even if you've been on that trail a thousand times. You will always learn from those you lead, and they expect to be part of the journey.

And just because you're the leader, doesn't mean you're In Charge.