How Annoying Your Sister can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

but seriously humor


My new theory on success is based on techniques I developed annoying my sister, applied to the universe (thanks, L).

Here is how it works:

  1. I say something I want to be right about: Mommy likes me better.
  2. She says the opposite, or simply refutes my argument: Nuh uh!
  3. I persist: Uh huh!
  4. We repeat the process until one of us tires and the other person's perception is accepted as fact.

In relation to the universe, it works like this:

  1. I tell everyone I meet that I do something exciting and groundbreaking: I'm a natural movement trainer and inspirational writer.
  2. The universe denies this fact: Nuh uh! Nobody wants to pay you so you can't do that. Get a job working for The Man instead.
  3. I persist, neglecting to tell people that I do work a less glamorous job to pay the bills: I'm a natural movement trainer. I help people break out of the human zoo, rediscover their childhood spontaneity, and connect it all to the fate of the ecosystem through thought-provoking articles. Oh, yeah, I do some other stuff for the time being, until this picks up momentum (which it will).
  4. The universe starts to wear down: FINE! Here's a client. Now stop bugging me.
  5. I insist that I make a living doing this amazing dream job: I have very exclusive rates and lots of clients.
  6. The universe rolls its eyes, but it is getting tired of arguing with me so it starts to accept my view as reality and moves on to other people.
  7. I end up living a comfortable life doing something I love and making a difference in peoples' lives and my community. FTW!

The universe, it turns out, it way less resilient than my sister, so you can guess which of us (me or the universe) is going to win this one.

The more people I meet, the more chances I have to tell my story of who I am and what my life is. Eventually, it will simply have to become a reality because everyone in Boulder will assume I'm that awesome guy who helps people break free of the human zoo and whose writing makes them question and define their spiritual purpose.

Delusional? Not if I keep my wits about me and do what needs to be done. I do have a normal job, and I do my due diligence.

But when people ask me what I do, I tell them what I do in my soul, not what I do in reality.

This is because I want them to think of me in the role I want to fill, not the one I currently inhabit.

So far, it's working.

It occurs to me this is similar to The Law of Attraction, The Secret, and Think and Grow Rich, but I feel that my approach is more pragmatic and speaks to something all of us with siblings have experienced.

(Photo credit: AnneCN on Flickr)