How a Pair of Jeans Taught Me to Be Myself

comfort expression jeans

And they felt amazing. I couldn't stop thinking about how lovely life would be if I were wearing comfortable clothes. Every time I walked by the store, I dreamed about those tempting jeans, refusing to admit I wanted them. I just didn't consider myself the kind of person who cared about clothes.

I'll cut to the chase: I bought the jeans.

I felt so much better in pants that actually accommodated my body and mobile lifestyle that I couldn't fault the fact that they were a bit pricey.

I got so many compliments on my new look and I felt empowered because I could move without pain. I've worn them almost every single day since, so they have more than paid for themselves in daily comfort and durability.


Clothes are an interesting area of life. They are a mode of expression, so when we can't find clothes that fit us or look good on us, we get the message that nobody thinks our bodies are worth expressing. Plus-size women face this their whole lives, which is why the initiatives in this article are so inspired.

It's amazing what effect uncomfortable clothes can have on self-esteem, especially if the comfortable ones are hard to find, untrendy, or simply non-existent.

Because we all have a right to feel comfortable with who we are, and to feel like we are not just okay, but awesome.

Imagine what life would be like if, instead of forcing yourself to fit into other peoples' expectations of how things should be done, your life fit you like a glove. You got paid to do what you loved, you had the time and energy to do the things you enjoyed, you spent time with people who supported and believed in you, who connected you with the right opportunities.

All of your clothes look great on you, not because they are the snazziest, trendiest clothes out there, but because they work for you.

I had a right to feel good in my clothes, and I was the one preventing myself from that because I literally thought I had to fit in. I didn't. And when I stopped trying, but honestly went after the things that worked for me, people noticed.

Who knew jeans could be so profound... ;-)

Where are you trying to fit in at the expense of your own comfort?