Have You Ever Had an Original Thought?

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Creation from Nothing

In terms of creative ideas, a similar thing happens. If we spend too much time reading and researching, comparing ourselves to others and trying to please or impress an imaginary audience, our ideas are never truly original. They are merely iterations of others’ ideas.

If, on the other hand, we try to silence the constant stream of input, and learn to make our own judgements and rely on our own perspective, we just might come up with an idea that arises purely from our own experience.

Blaze Your Own Trail of Ideas

Of course, this is scary. It requires that we trust ourselves to go out and try things. We have to make our own judgement calls on whether something might be a good idea, rather than rely on someone else testing it before us. We have to strike out into the wilderness and rely on our own sense of direction and ability to read a compass, instead of sticking to a trail that someone else has made.

But if we don’t, how will we discover new vistas and treasures that might be only a few feet off the beaten trail?

Strike out on your own. Trust your instinct. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything charted out ahead of you. Just start whatever project you are thinking about, and let yourself figure out the best course as you go.

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