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Subscriptions, Comments and Sharing

In the upper right corner, you'll see the subscription buttons. The first one is for the RSS feed, which you can get for Google Reader or any other feed reader you use. That way you can follow my blog along with all the other blogs you keep up on.

The second button is for e-mail. Use this if you'd prefer to have new posts sent to your inbox, so you can read them according to your own schedule and preferences.

The third one is a link to my Twitter feed. If you like the blog, please follow me on Twitter and send me a few tweets. I love to have conversations with my readers and get input and feedback.

On that note, please do not hesitate to post comments. Even if just to say you enjoyed the articles. It means a lot to me as a writer to know I'm providing useful information, and it will encourage others to leave comments as well.

You'll also notice the line of share links at the bottom of each post. Again, if you liked what you read, please share it on Facebook or Twitter, or just e-mail to someone you think might enjoy reading it. I rely on word of mouth to reach a wider audience, so any help is appreciated.


I've cut down all the categories to just three: Mind, Body, and Spirit, with a few subcategories and a separate category for book reviews. The Mind category contains posts on mental development, psychology, productivity, career and finance, and organization, as well as anything else that seems appropriate. Body contains posts on fitness, nutrition, physical well-being, sleep, health, etc. Pretty much anything that has to do with achieving physical potential goes under Body. Spirit contains all the inspirational posts, and articles that deal with more abstract concepts like personal development, risk-taking, expanding your experiences, and developing spiritual awareness.

Of course, there will always be a great deal of overlap. The whole point of Warrior Spirit is of course that Mind, Body and Spirit must intersect and overlap to unleash our greatest potential. Still, I'll categorize posts based on which aspect is most relevant.

You can find quick links to the three main categories in the top header.

Because I try to maintain a high quality of posts, I will be reducing my posting frequency to three times a week, once per category. Hopefully, this will enable me to write more refined, well-researched articles. I'll aim for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesdays and Thursdays will either be non-posting days or possibly short articles about other topics (like this).


As always, I will not be running ads, but I will provide links to products that I have used personally and feel were of great benefit to myself and would be helpful to you. These will always be carefully selected and reviewed; I won't put up unrelated advertisements or annoying banners and pop-ups. Right now I've got two links to e-books written by Zen Habits, which helped me a great deal in college and still give me inspiration in my daily life.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new structure.

- (**