Dreaming Against All Odds

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Hers was an extreme case, but I think we all experience a bit of that attitude: “You can’t do that because of X.”

In my case, I couldn’t be a writer because it didn’t pay well. I couldn’t be a gymnast because I’d started too late. I couldn’t approach girls because I was too scared. Never mind hard work to overcome obstacles. The obstacles are there, so better to just respect them and try for something else.

Sometimes, the obstacles are so huge that nobody has ever tried to get around them. Of course, in that case, you’ve actually got things easier. If nobody has ever tried what you want to do, how can anyone legitimately say it cannot be done?

Sometimes, the obstacles are seemingly insurmountable. A blind racecar driver just doesn’t make sense. Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about it.

Sometimes the point of dreaming isn’t to actually get you somewhere, but instead to dare to dream. Sometimes, it’s more about having the courage to be so bold.

You may not get exactly what you dream of, but having the conviction to be yourself and follow your vision of your life despite all rational notions to the contrary gives you the strength to pursue anything else you might want to.

The real challenge of dreaming is internal, and consists of convincing yourself that you are worthy and capable, that you are good enough and strong enough.

So yeah, maybe your dreams are ridiculous and impossible. But so what? If you honestly believe you can make them happen, you understand the true meaning of faith and courage.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your crazy dreams. Please share in the comments.

Dream on, Brave Warriors!

- (**