Conserving Water, Water Everywhere

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It seems like such a trivial thing: use less hot water. Why bother? Instead of getting Americans to conserve hot water, wouldn't it be better to get them all to drive electric solar-powered cars? Or better yet, buy handmade artisan grocery bags to feed starving children in Africa. It makes sense that we should use less hot water, but wouldn't it be better to expend our efforts on more important changes?

Convenience also plays a big role in our willingness to make small changes. Who wants to plan showers 30 minutes ahead of time?

Its the Little Things That Count

Nevertheless, for those of us with little time and less money, the small changes are probably the most important. I would love to give to charities, or donate more of my time for volunteer work, but, as I've had to explain numerous times to solicitors on the street, I have enough trouble supporting myself without sponsoring a needy child. So I need to look for ways to make my day to day life more responsible and conscious. Water conservation is one easy, but significant, way to do that.

So here are some tips on cheap, (relatively) painless ways to save water and money. These habits add up over the long term, both in reducing your environmental impact and in reducing your heating and water bill.

These little habits will save you water and money that adds up pretty quickly. If the image of a poor humpback whale with big worried eyes worriedly watching the water level creep down past its blowhole doesn't guilt you into taking shorter showers (oh yes, that did it for me), the thought of an extra plane ticket's worth of cash at the end of the year might provide the necessary inspiration. And by following these eco-conscious tips, we can all hope to one day become Kung Fu masters as well, as Jackie Chan implies.

Do you have any tips or tricks you use to save water or heat? Any reasons why you think I'm completely insane to recommend fewer showers? Post thoughts to comments.


Image source: flikkerphotos on Flickr