Best Birthday Ever!


The day started with an early morning wake-up, and a bit of a rush to get out the door to a doctor's appointment, where I had some acupuncture and "massage" done on my shoulder (I put massage in quotes because it is not even remotely relaxing). Following that, I headed home to ice my shoulder and got a phone call from an old contact who was interested in having me write for her sports business. Awesome!

After that, I headed over to CrossFit Norwalk, where Susan was waiting for me with a tray of Paleo treats (date and coconut balls with cocoa powder). I got to do a great workout with my uninjured arm, and then helped teach a class, working with two great friends.

Following, I headed over to pick up my girlfriend for my birthday meal. On the way, we stopped at the local community college to register for a course in Freelancing, something I've always wanted to do. I feel it is appropriate to make the first step on my birthday, and it was very fulfilling to take the first move towards that life dream of being a writer after putting it off for so long.

We then went to Whole Foods to buy ingredients for a very enticing birthday dinner. While I have qualms with the whole concept of a giant supermarket chain offering local and sustainable food, I do enjoy the atmosphere and I think Whole Foods sincerely tries to be a conscientious company, based on the limitations of seeking a profit. I also got some epsom salts for a bath to heal my shoulder.

The last errand we had to run was replacing my gym bag. I recently bought a new gym bag, courtesy of the gift card my cousin gave me for Christmas. This new bag was much needed, since my old one was riddled with holes and falling apart. Also, I needed something bigger to carry all my martial arts, workout, and gymnastics gear. So I was pretty happy about my new bag when I got it. Then, my joy was dashed when I discovered a tear along the zipper. I hate these sorts of errands, and you'll remember how stressed out I was yesterday, partly because of that discovery. Anyway, it's done, and all is right in the world.

Finally, we headed home and prepared the most delicious, amazing Japanese hot pot dinner, which was basically an entire cast iron pot full of vegetables, cabbage-spinach rolls, venison steak, sea bass, clams, oysters, and tofu, simmered in a seaweed broth for ten minutes. I was in heaven.

The gifts I got were exactly what I'd wanted: a knit stuffed eggplant, the book The Art of Non-Conformity (by a blogger I greatly respect and admire, who has served as a great inspiration to me), and a book explaining in absurd detail the methods used by the ninja.

I also took a hot bath in epsom salts, as per my doctor's orders.

All things considered, this birthday was light years better than the last two years, and most of my college birthdays (except the parts orchestrated by my good friends R&N, which were consistently excellent). Some highlights include the birthday my girlfriend decided to break up with me and I slept on the couch and the birthday I convinced myself I needed to fly to Denver at 3am.

Thank you all for you the excellent birthday wishes! Birthdays for me are more about giving my friends an excuse to celebrate and party, so hopefully we'll hang out soon.

- (**