Announcing a New eBook

warrior spirit

Really, I just wanted to get my friends and readers involved, so I put out an invitation to contribute. I have the good fortune to know some very inspirational, amazing individuals, so I asked them to write a few stories to share.

Unfortunately, I don't know all the amazing, courageous people out there, so I am also inviting anyone else who is interested to contribute a story. The format is basically that of a story about some significant event in your life that helped you choose your path, make headway on a path you’d already chosen, or grow as a person.

The model I’m aiming for is along the lines of a traditional Spirit Quest, which was a journey that young warriors would have to undertake before they could become adults. In some cultures, this Spirit Quest was a physical journey, and in others it took place in a dream or through some sort of ritual.

If you would like to contribute, just think of an event in your life that challenged you and forced you out of your comfort zone.

If you are interested, you can e-mail me at warrior (at) khaledallen (dot) com. I will send you more detailed guidelines.

The book will be free. It’s just a gift I’m putting together for my friends and readers. In return, you’ll get a link in the eBook if you want it, and you may of course publish your work anonymously.

I look forward to hearing all your stories!

- (**